The legends of Kraków are as factual as its history! So where does one draw the line and enjoy the past in the same way as the people living in Kraków in the 21st Century? The answer is: by erasing the line and allowing yourself to be drawn into the world of the past. The legends bring out the charm and passion of the past and intertwine with the historical facts to recreate the times gone by.

Contemporary Kraków, filled with gems of the past, theatrical places, artistic people and good food will bring to modern life what Kraków has always been about - laughter, joy, wisdom and entertainment.

So much to see!


A visit to Kraków will change your life.


It's like going to the movies and being able to choose what era in the world history you want to see....or like peeking into the different cinema halls to find
out what life was like in 1942!


It is no wonder that Steven Spielberg filmed so much of Schindler's List on site - showing the original buildings as they existed during WWII.

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Kings and


Wawel was the residence of the Kings and Queens in the capital of Poland since the year 1039. Only later, at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries was the capital moved to Warsaw. The large castle on the top of the hill, protected classically on one side by the Vistula river  flowing through Kraków, overlooks the market square. It was expanded by dynasties and represents the power and wealth of the rulers of the time.

Trade and Industry


Kraków was built around the Market Square - the centre of trade. From there trade and industry grew to fuel the economy and grow the base for industry and infrastructure for the community to function. Kraków is the reminiscence of the past, a living museum where many places that have maintained their dignity show-off their functionality today, some in a more modern manner, while for others time stopped hundreds of years ago!

and Jews


Kraków was the home for Christians and Jews that were free to practice their religions. Churches, synagogues, cemeteries and other artifacts of faith were part of the city and can still be found today in abundance in Kraków. (pic: https://pixabay.com/en/users/falco-81448/0).




Poland was the most populated country for the Jewish community in Europe up until World War II. Hitler then made the decision to kill all Jews. Germany took over half of Poland on the west, killing over 6 millions Poles of which 3 million were Jews. The Soviets took the other half of Poland to the east and sent Poles to Siberia. Schindler's factory and the Krakow Ghetto are a few of the monuments of that past. One day trips from Krakow can be organized to Auschwitz - the largest of the German death camps.(pic:https://pixabay.com/en/users/RonPorter-291009/)

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